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Cross Plains, WI

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Construction Management:


We are flexible to better serve you.  To

us being flexible means we are here to

accommodate anything you want.  We

will try our hardest to make your visions

come to life and will go as far in or out

of the box we need in order to

accomplish the project all while keeping in mind the timeline and budget.


Our revolutionary vision help bring solutions to meet any requirement thrown our way.  Forward thinking allows us to give you options towards LEED, a low or zero carbon footprint, green globes and sustainable buildings.  DMC brings the newest in technology that will make your building even more energy efficient, comfortable, and all around exceptional.

Construction Excellence

DMC specializes in overseeing the projects planning, design, and construction.  The purpose of having a construction manager on your project is to control the time, cost, and quality.

As a construction management company, we have hired architects, engineers, contractors, and have partnered with some very established companies.  Our connections help to bring a level of excellence to your project.

Construction Pre-Planning

3D scanning:

Our experienced team can scan your building and generate a 3-D model with high resolution and accurate pictures.